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.:Ugly Shyla Dolls in White Dress :.

TITLE: Ugly Shyla doll in Distressed White Dress.
MEDIUM: Porcelain
COSTUME:A white stained ,stiched up netted dress and black bra.
SIZE: 16 inches
STATUS:I have sold all of the ones like this I have on hand.I'm working on allot of new things right now,so I will only be making these once and awhile and putting them up for auction.If you'd like to be notified when there is one up for auction join our Ugly_Art_Mailing_List.It's very low volume and will keep you updated on when items are up for auction.

NOTES: This doll is a open edition. Each doll in this series is hand poured from a mold and hand wigged,costumed and  painted by Ugly Shyla. This process makes each doll a one of a kind as there are slight variances.


Above Ugly Shyla doll pic's by Jeremy B.



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