What is Sacred Geometry Art

The Sacred Geometry is not just a geometry as we know it from school, but it’s rather the Ancient Knowledge of all creation in the universe. As much as hard it is to understand the whole meaning of Sacred Geometry, this knowledge has been around for millions of years. Some of the old tribes such as Maya people still understand this. Let’s talk about the Sacred Geometry Art.

When engaging in any form of Art, it’s important to have the knowledge of geometry, otherwise, the big Artists of all times such as Leonardo Da Vinci wouldn’t be able to create what they did. Da Vinci knew about the powerful knowledge of Sacred Geometry, the well-known drawing of Vitruvian Man proves it.

The whole beauty of the world is created of geometric shapes wherever we are and look. The absolute depth of our entire being is based on geometry, from the flash to the atom.

The Flower of Life

There is one very special shape or more of a symbol called the Flower of Life, and it’s one of the oldest symbols on the planet, found in the ancient temples all over the world. The flower of life is made of overlapping circles creating the shape of a flower as shown in the image below.

flower of life

3D Flower of Life

Inside of this drawing, you can find all geometric objects that exist.

There is a brilliant book to fully understand and learn about the sacred geometry and the meaning of Flower of Life, called The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. It’s based on 15 years of study of Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life, and Mer-Ka-Bah. By reading this book everyone will get a different kind of view on geometry in general, but also on life as a whole.

I hope that this short article helps a bit with the understanding of sacred geometry and how it’s closely related to the art and life. Get more information about the Sacred Geometry by watching the video documentary below.

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